Did you know?

- Prescription drug abuse is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States - 100 people fatally overdose every day.
- Nearly 2000 people die every year in Ohio from prescription drug overdoses, mainly due to prescription painkillers.
- 70% of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them from friends or relatives.
- 40% of all new Heroin users started with prescription drugs.
- Every day, 2,500 youth aged 12-17 abuse a prescription pain killer for the first time.

Who is the most likely to start abusing?

- People in their teens and early twenties (ages 12-25) are the most likely to start abusing prescription drugs.
- One in five high school students report using a prescription drug without a prescription.
- One in ten students in Clark County have used an over-the-counter drug to get high one or more times.
- More than one third of teens say they feel some pressure to abuse prescription drugs.
- Four out of five heroin users begin their drug abuse with prescription painkillers.
- Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death among young adults (ages 25-34).