Naloxone is a short-acting opioid blocker which can reverse an overdose and restore a person's breathing. If you or a loved one is addicted to a prescription painkiller or heroin, please visit your family physician or one of the Project DAWN websites for a Naloxone kit.

Who should acquire a Naloxone kit?

- Any person addicted to prescription painkillers and/or heroin
- Family members or loved ones of opiate addicts

When should you acquire a Naloxone kit?

- Immediately if you or your loved one is in active use
- Prior to an addicted person's release from jail/prison
- Prior to a person in recovery's release from rehab

One of the most dangerous times in an addict's life is the first 48 hours upon release from incarceration or treatment, as the user's body has lost its tolerance to previous higher drug dosages.

To receive this life-saving kit, see your family physician, or visit one of the Project DAWN websites.

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